The National Soccer League™ (NSL) Launches as a New Independent Professional Soccer League in the United States

Reviving the Soul of American Soccer: Honoring Legends and Embracing a New Era

Welcome to the official website of the National Soccer League (NSL), where soccer breaks free from the conventional mold and embraces a new era of excitement and limitless possibilities.

The NSL is introducing an innovative tour-based team model for its initial seasons, bringing affordable professional soccer matches to different locations and captivating fans nationwide. Following this exciting start, the league aims to establish each team in their respective markets, forming strategic partnerships with cities throughout the country. Working hand in hand with private investors, the NSL envisions the creation of vibrant sports entertainment towns, where genuine soccer culture thrives and immersive experiences await. These collaborative efforts will shape the future of the league, building remarkable destinations that showcase the excitement of competitive professional soccer while strengthening the bond between teams, cities, and fans.

NSL Founder Scott Michaels has been the driving force behind this innovative new league, with a vision that encompasses some of America’s most famous clubs, including the federal trademark re-registrations of Chiefs Aztecs, Sting, Diplomats, Minutemen, Atoms, Express, Thunder Surf and Rogues, as well as the relaunch of the Transatlantic Challenge Cup. Discussions are already underway with cities and suitable stadiums across America to house potential NSL clubs, bringing the excitement of professional soccer to every corner of the country.

Soccer, renowned as the world’s most popular sport, demands continuous investment and nurturing to preserve its relevance and vitality. Alas, soccer in the United States has endured a period of neglect. The time has come to awaken and rejuvenate the sport in America, transcending the focus on exorbitant fees and instead prioritizing equal opportunities for all to revel in the joys of playing and watching the game.

At our core, we hold true to the essence of soccer, embracing an alternative approach. We understand that soccer is more than just a sport—it is a universal language that should be accessible to everyone, founded on sporting merit. While acknowledging the evolution of certain aspects within soccer, we remain unwavering in our commitment to upholding the purity of the beautiful game. We deeply respect the players who propel soccer forward, recognizing their profound influence on the very soul of our beloved sport.

In our dedication to breathe new life into American soccer, we prioritize investments in development, promoting inclusivity, and safeguarding the integrity of the game. We comprehend the significance of nurturing and supporting soccer at all levels, from grassroots to professional, as this will undoubtedly cultivate a vibrant and flourishing soccer culture across the United States.

Our Vision

In the NSL, we believe that true innovation lies in challenging what is expected and venturing into uncharted territory. We have departed from the rigid team models of the past and crafted a pro soccer league that is tailor-made for the dynamic landscape of the 21st century. With our sights set on the future, we employ state-of-the-art technologies and cutting-edge strategies to revolutionize the fan experience.

Gone are the days when fan allegiance was solely dictated by geographic location. Instead, we celebrate the hero players who mesmerize us with their exceptional skills and magnetic charisma. Our marketing efforts focus on showcasing these remarkable athletes, investing in their stories, and amplifying their superstar status. Through their unique personalities and awe-inspiring performances, they become the driving force behind a global community of passionate fans.

But we don’t stop there. In the NSL, we understand that teams are more than just names on a roster; they are vibrant characters with their own distinct personality and energy. Each team in our league is a captivating entity, with its own captivating narrative, fierce rivalries, and remarkable dynamics. We immerse fans in a world where the spirit of the game comes alive through the emotions and connections forged with these teams.

As you explore our website, you will witness the fusion of innovation, digital connectivity, and our relentless spirit. Prepare to be captivated by a soccer experience like no other. The NSL is rewriting the rules, pushing boundaries, and reshaping the soccer landscape.

Welcome to the National Soccer League, where soccer becomes an extraordinary journey of discovery, passion, and unity. Join us as we embark on this thrilling adventure that will redefine the way we perceive and engage with the beautiful game.

Our mission is to bring entertaining, affordable, and more player pathways to the elite level of soccer in America.

Our long-term plan is to create a professional soccer league that is entertaining for fans and provides a clear pathway for talented players to succeed,” said Scott Michaels. “The NSL is dedicated to creating a new wave of soccer across communities in America and supporting our stakeholders as well as partners,” said Michaels. “Our innovative approach to the best in class media, affordable pricing, compelling entertainment, and the finest professional player development will make us a very strong league. The NSL is also focused on creating multiple leagues with relegation and promotion between its leagues, bringing competitive soccer to America and this independence also enables the NSL to control its own governance and rules.

“National Soccer League Partners with Morgan Stanley to Empower Fans and Fuel Growth”

The National Soccer League (NSL) has taken a significant stride towards its mission of reviving the sport and giving it back to the fans. In a ground breaking announcement, the NSL revealed its partnership with leading blue-chip investment banker Morgan Stanley for a series A capital raise and future capital...
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“National Soccer League Announces the Glorious Return of the California Surf”

The National Soccer League (NSL) is thrilled to make a monumental announcement that will undoubtedly stir the hearts of soccer enthusiasts across the country. After an absence of more than four decades, the California Surf is set to return to the league, bringing back a golden era of American soccer...
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“Atlanta Chiefs Return to the National Soccer League: Excitement Builds for Fans and Players Alike”

The National Soccer League (NSL) has announced its plans to relaunch the Atlanta Chiefs after federally re-registering its trademarks, a historic team that was a part of the original North American Soccer League (NASL). The announcement has generated excitement among soccer fans in Atlanta and across the United States. The...
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“San Antonio Thunder for Potential Relaunch in National Soccer League”

The National Soccer League (NSL) is excited to announce the potential relaunch of the San Antonio Thunder in our league after federally re-registering its trademarks. The San Antonio Thunder has a rich history in soccer, having played in the North American Soccer League (NASL) during the 1970s. The team had...
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“Philadelphia Atoms Plan Return to Reignite City’s Passion for Soccer”

In the seventies, a new force emerged in the city of Philadelphia. A force that not only represented the city on the field but also captured the hearts of the people of Philadelphia and the entire nation. That force was the Philadelphia Atoms. The Atoms were an American soccer team...
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“Reviving the Spirit of the Motor City: The Relaunch of the Express in the National Soccer League”

The Detroit Express made a lasting impact on the North American Soccer League in the 1970s, captivating the hearts of not just the city of Detroit but also the entire nation. As we look to the future of soccer in North America, it is time to relaunch the Detroit Express...
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“Boston Minutemen Rise Again: The Relaunch of a Legendary Soccer Team”

The Minutemen were a professional soccer team that played in the North American Soccer League from 1974. They played on different home fields, including Alumni Stadium in Chestnut Hill, Schaefer Stadium in Foxborough, Veterans Memorial Stadium in Quincy and Sargent Field in New Bedford. The team was led by some...
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“Reviving the Memphis Rogues: The Return of a Soccer Legend”

Memphis, Tennessee was once home to a professional soccer team that captured the hearts of the city and the nation. The Memphis Rogues, founded in the late seventies, were a force to be reckoned with in the North American Soccer League (NASL). Now, decades later, there is talk of relaunching...
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“The Diplomats are making a comeback: Washington’s Resilient Soccer Team plans to Return to the Pitch”

As the National Soccer League looks to expand and grow American soccer, it is with great excitement that we announce the relaunch of one of the most iconic teams in the league's history, the Washington Diplomats. With a storied past and a bright future ahead, the Diplomats are a team...
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“Der Sting: Relaunching an Iconic Soccer Team in American History”

Chicago, the Windy City, is a place that resonates with sports and a rich cultural diversity that has contributed to the city's vibrant spirit. In this thriving metropolis, sports have always held a special place in the hearts of its residents. Chicago boasts a sports culture like no other, with...
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The LA Aztecs, a legendary American professional soccer team based in Los Angeles, California, captured the hearts of not only the people of Los Angeles but the entire nation during the seventies and eighties. With their allure of Hollywood and the beautiful California weather, the Aztecs attracted some of the...
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“NSL Relaunch of Transatlantic Challenge Cup”

The NSL is proud to announce the relaunch of the Transatlantic Challenge Cup, a tournament that will showcase the best of American soccer to a global audience. The cup represents a significant milestone for the NSL as it globalizes American soccer by inviting other teams to play in it. The...
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“National Soccer League Launch Scores Big with Benzinga: A Game-Changer for Soccer Fans and Investors Alike!”

The National Soccer League (NSL) recently made headlines when its launch was picked up by Benzinga, a well-respected financial news outlet. This news has been met with enthusiasm and excitement from soccer fans across the country, as well as from investors and analysts. The NSL is a professional soccer league...
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“NSL Relaunch Receives National Attention as UK Mainstream Newspaper Express Joins the Story”

Introduction The National Soccer League's highly anticipated relaunch has garnered widespread attention and excitement, with major media outlets taking notice of the league's grand comeback. Adding to the growing buzz, the United Kingdom's prominent mainstream newspaper, Express, has recently picked up the story, further solidifying the league's resurgence as a...
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“NSL Pioneers Fair Play and Transparency in Soccer Industry, Forging its Own Path!”

By not aligning with certain governing bodies in the sport, the NSL can achieve greater independence and establish its own policies and regulations. This allows for the creation of transparent and just systems for player transfers and compensation, without any concerns surrounding the agents of such governing bodies. Moreover, the...
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“Experience the Game Like Never Before: Unforgettable Fan Experience at Affordable Prices”

At the National Soccer League (NSL), our promise is to provide a unique fan experience that will rival all other sports. We are committed to delivering an affordable and entertaining soccer league in America that will appeal to fans across the country. Our focus is on making every game an...
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“NSL Considers LA’s Finest Stadiums for 2025 Launch: LA Weekly Reports!”

The National Soccer League (NSL) has confirmed reports published in LA Weekly that it is exploring potential stadium options in the Los Angeles metropolitan area for its 2025 launch. The NSL is considering the iconic Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum and Titan Stadium in Fullerton as possible venues, and this news...
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“National Soccer League Invites Expressions of Interest for Future License Holders of Its Teams”

The National Soccer League (NSL) is pleased to announce that it is accepting expressions of interest from potential future license holders for its teams. The NSL is committed to building a world-class soccer league that provides value for money and best-in-class support for all its stakeholders. "Our unique licensing model...
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“The Evolution of Soccer Fandom in the United States: Opportunities and Challenges”

When it comes to soccer, the United States stands out. Unlike in other parts of the world, where soccer fans have established deep-seated communities and customs that have been passed down from generation to generation, American soccer culture is still evolving. Traditions like inheriting team colors and jerseys from parents...
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“National Soccer League is Driven To Increase the Sport’s Popularity”

As the National Soccer League (NSL) gears up for its launch in early 2025, we are excited about the prospect of bringing high-quality soccer to fans across the United States. Our goal is to create a community-driven league focused on developing American players while providing top-level competition for fans to...
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“Join the Revolution: NSL Offers Fans an Unparalleled Soccer Experience with Innovative Fan-Led Technologies”

The NSL promises to offer a one-of-a-kind fan experience with a focus on engaging supporters and building a strong community. The league's commitment to owning all media rights, gathering data, and commercializing through its own platform will provide a turnkey solution with cutting-edge fan-led technologies for media, partnerships, retail, sports...
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“NSL Scores Big with Potential Partnership Opportunities with European Football Giants, As Featured in The American Reporter!”

The New National Soccer League (NSL) acknowledges the coverage of their recent discussions with European football giants in the article published by The American Reporter. The NSL is thrilled to have been featured in such a prestigious publication and appreciates the opportunity to share their vision for the future of...
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“NSL’s Disruptive Game Plan: Revolutionizing American Soccer, Featured in Just American News”

The National Soccer League (NSL) has been making headlines recently, with its disruptive game plan taking the field and garnering attention from all corners of the soccer world. Just American News recently featured an article on the NSL, stating that the league has the potential to revolutionize soccer in America...
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“NSL set to shake up American soccer with 30-team expansion and promotion/relegation system”

The NSL plans to launch with a minimum of eight teams, with a goal of expanding to 30 teams within five years. The regular season will kick off in the spring and run through the summer, with playoffs taking place in the late summer. The NSL playoffs will feature a...
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“Industry journalist from Pitchero Raves About National Soccer League”

We are excited to share some positive news about our league, as recognized by the soccer industry leading company, Pitchero. Pitchero is a well-known name in the world of soccer, offering a comprehensive range of digital services to soccer clubs and leagues across the globe. As such, we were thrilled...
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“Join the Winning Team: National Soccer League Seeks Sponsors for its Upcoming Launch in 2025”

The National Soccer League (NSL) is revolutionizing the world of sport and entertainment partnerships by uniting brands, rights-holders, media-platforms, fans, and the NSL to deliver unparalleled visibility and results. Our values of innovation, creativity, and a deep passion for American soccer guide us as we strive to create engaging and...
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“Bloomberg Spotlights National Soccer League’s Launch to Revolutionize Elite Soccer in America”

As the National Soccer League (NSL), we are excited to announce our official launch, which promises to revolutionize elite soccer in the United States. Our league aims to transform the American soccer landscape by attracting significant investment and creating a unique fan experience that rivals all other sports. We are...
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“National Soccer League Launch Goes Viral on Yahoo Finance: A Winning Play for Investors and Soccer Enthusiasts!”

The National Soccer League (NSL) has recently made headlines again, as its launch was picked up by Yahoo Finance, one of the world's leading financial news outlets. This news has been met with widespread enthusiasm and excitement, both from soccer fans and investors alike. The NSL is a professional soccer...
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“Breaking News: National Soccer League Launch Takes the Field with Fox 21 News by Its Side!”

The National Soccer League (NSL) has recently launched to much fanfare, and the excitement surrounding this new league has been further bolstered by the announcement that Fox 21 News will be covering its launch. This is fantastic news for soccer fans across the country, as it means that the NSL...
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DISCOVER EXCLUSIVE PATHWAYS TO TRAIN WITH SOCCER PROS OUR VISION At NSL Academy, we are dedicated to bridging the gap between young athletes and the finest professional soccer players and coaches in the United States. Through a comprehensive range of enriching programs, NSL Academy aims to provide an unparalleled connection...
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“Chicago Press Buzzing with Excitement as NSL Announces the Relaunch of Chicago Sting”

The National Soccer League (NSL) is thrilled to witness the excitement building up in the Windy City surrounding the relaunch of the legendary Chicago Sting on social media. The original team holds a special place in the hearts of many fans, and the NSL recognizes the importance of paying homage...
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Soccer has always been a sport that thrives on passion, talent, and competition. However, for too long, the American soccer landscape has lacked the necessary infrastructure to truly promote these values. With so many youth soccer clubs affiliated with USYS and countless others operating independently, the game has been fragmented...
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“NSL Teams Up with SponsorUnited!”

National Soccer League (NSL), are thrilled to announce our exciting new partnership with SponsorUnited, a leading technology platform for sports sponsorships. This partnership marks a major milestone in our league's journey to become a premier soccer league in the United States and beyond. SponsorUnited's innovative platform provides our league with...
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“Revolutionary Program to Identify and Develop the Best Young Soccer Players in the Country”

The National Soccer League (NSL) is thrilled to announce a cutting-edge program designed to identify the most talented young soccer players in the country and help them reach their full potential. Our new program is designed to provide young players with elite training, exposure to professional clubs and scouts, and...
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Report Shows American Interest in Soccer Increasing, Set to Reach Global Average Ahead of 2026 World Cup

Soccer is becoming increasingly popular in the United States, with data showing that American interest in the sport is making progress in reaching the average interest level found globally. The report, called "Fanarchy26," was released by Sports Innovation Lab, a fan intelligence company, and Jung von Matt SPORTS, an award-winning...
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“NSL Goes Big on Media Coverage:Bringing American Soccer to the World Stage!”

The NSL plans to provide extensive media coverage to reach a wider audience and attract new fans. This will include content creation around sports entertainment, news coverage, TV advertising, digital advertising, and big data gathering. The league will also utilize social media to engage with fans and provide regular updates...
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“NSL: Clear Pathway to Success for Talented Players Through Professional Player Development Programs and Scouting”

The NSL is committed to providing a clear pathway for talented players to succeed. The league will offer opportunities for players to develop their skills and reach their full potential through hiring better coaches, implementing more professional player development programs, and actively scouting players in youth soccer and development leagues....
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“NSL Scores Big with Stadium Partnerships to Bring Pro Soccer to Fans Across America”

The NSL aims to partner with suitable stadiums in various cities across America to ensure that fans nationwide can enjoy the excitement of professional soccer in their own backyard. Some teams will use existing stadiums that meet the NSL's requirements, while others will build new soccer-specific stadiums in partnership with...
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“EXPERIENCED American Soccer Expert Lizzie Seedhouse Joins the National Soccer League as adviser”

The National Soccer League (NSL) is proud to announce the addition of Lizzie Seedhouse to its team as an adviser. With an impressive six-year tenure at the United Soccer League (USL) in the United States, Seedhouse brings valuable experience as a soccer sales and marketing administrator. Her appointment is set...
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“Gavin McCann Joins National Soccer League as Advisor, Bringing Wealth of Elite Experience”

Gavin McCann, a former professional footballer with an impressive career spanning several prestigious clubs, has taken on a new role as an advisor in the National Soccer League (NSL). With his extensive playing experience and coaching qualifications, McCann brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his new position. Let's...
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“Mick Pattinson Joins NSL as Senior Advisor: Bringing his Expertise to the League”

Mick Pattinson, a respected figure in the soccer and business worlds, has joined the National Soccer League (NSL) as a senior advisor. He has a successful track record as a former Luton Town Shareholder and has demonstrated leadership and dedication to the sport. Pattinson's involvement in soccer began with his...
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“Legendary Soccer Clubs Return to the NSL”

As the National Soccer League (NSL), we recognize the rich history and cultural significance of professional soccer clubs in the United States. We understand the value of these historic clubs and their legacy ties to US soccer history, particularly in the North American Soccer League (NASL), which was a well-executed...
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“Scott Michaels: The Visionary NSL Founder Driving the Future of Soccer in America”

Scott Michaels is the founder and driving force behind the NSL, and his vast experience and expertise make him the ideal leader for our ambitious league. His entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with his passion for soccer and extensive knowledge of the sport, make him a true visionary with a clear and...
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“Revolutionizing Elite Soccer in America: Welcome to the National Soccer League (NSL)”

Welcome to the National Soccer League (NSL), a new and exciting soccer league that is set to take the elite soccer landscape in America by storm. The NSL is the brainchild of Scott Michaels, a visionary entrepreneur with a deep passion for soccer. Michaels' vision for the NSL is to...
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Team Ownership

Are you eager to own and operate your own professional soccer team? We have an exciting proposition for you: Join the National Soccer League (NSL) and enjoy the benefits of a turn-key solution that simplifies ownership, empowering you to focus on the game and the growth of your team.

With NSL, you gain exclusive control over all commercial sponsorships related to your brand, translating into significant revenue potential. Imagine securing sponsorship deals, and shirt sponsors, all while promoting your team effectively within the local market. Furthermore, NSL allows you to establish your academy under your team’s brand name. This venture allows you to develop talented young players while cementing your team’s legacy within the local soccer community. The financial viability of joining NSL is a significant advantage. Unlike traditional franchise models that require substantial franchise fees, our licensing approach enables you to allocate resources effectively toward building a competitive team. By avoiding high upfront costs, NSL offers a more accessible entry point in American Professional Soccer for prospective team owners, fostering a stronger financial foundation for your club.

Our turn-key solution extends beyond financial benefits. NSL provides comprehensive support and expertise in player recruitment, broadcasting, retail, marketing, stadium, and facility management. Our experienced professionals handle these critical areas, allowing you to leverage their industry knowledge and resources while focusing on the on-field success of your team. Joining NSL means becoming part of a vibrant soccer ecosystem, surrounded by passionate fans, talented players, and like-minded team owners. Our league is committed to driving the growth and development of soccer in the country, and together, we can unlock the sport’s immense potential.

Take the first step today by contacting our team. We would be delighted to provide you with detailed financial projections, answer any questions you may have, and guide you toward an exciting future as an NSL team owner. Secure your place in the NSL and simplify ownership with our turnkey solution. Let us empower you to focus on what matters most: building a successful and thriving professional soccer team.