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“Atlanta Chiefs Return to the National Soccer League: Excitement Builds for Fans and Players Alike”

The National Soccer League (NSL) has announced its plans to relaunch the Atlanta Chiefs after federally re-registering its trademarks, a historic team that was a part of the original North American Soccer League (NASL). The announcement has generated excitement among soccer fans in Atlanta and across the United States.

The Atlanta Chiefs were founded in 1967 and were one of the original teams in the NASL. The team had some of the best players of that era, including Kaizer Motaung, Phil Woosnam, Brian Kidd and Paul Child. The Chiefs won the NASL championship in 1968 and 1971, and were runners-up in 1969 and 1972. The team was also known for its diverse and international roster, which included players from Africa, Europe, and South America.

After the NASL folded in 1984, the Atlanta Chiefs ceased operations. However, the team’s legacy has continued to inspire soccer fans in Atlanta, who have been advocating for the team’s return to the professional soccer scene. The NSL has responded to this demand by acquiring the rights to the Atlanta Chiefs brand and logo, and federally re-registering the name and trademark.
The relaunch of the Atlanta Chiefs is a significant moment for the NSL, as the league continues to expand its footprint in the United States soccer landscape. The NSL’s vision for the Atlanta Chiefs is to create a team that reflects the city’s diverse culture and talent, and to build a passionate fan base that will support the team on and off the field. The NSL has already begun the process of identifying potential investors and partners to help fund the team’s operations, as well as scouting for players and coaches to build the team’s roster.

The relaunch of the Atlanta Chiefs also presents an opportunity for soccer fans in Atlanta to connect with the city’s soccer heritage and to celebrate the team’s past accomplishments. The NSL has indicated that it plans to organize events and initiatives that will allow fans to engage with the team, such as meet-and-greets with former Chiefs players, throwback jersey nights, and community outreach programs.

The Atlanta Chiefs’ return to professional soccer will undoubtedly be met with enthusiasm from fans, players, and the soccer community at large. The NSL’s commitment to building a team that reflects Atlanta’s diversity and talent, and to honoring the legacy of the Atlanta Chiefs, bodes well for the team’s success both on and off the field. Soccer fans in Atlanta and across the United States will be eagerly watching the team’s progress and cheering them on as they take the field.


11 thoughts on ““Atlanta Chiefs Return to the National Soccer League: Excitement Builds for Fans and Players Alike””

    1. As the owner of Atlanta United, the Major League Soccer team I launched in 2017, which averages over 45,000 fans per match at MB Stadium, I resent the implication at “real” soccer does not currently exist in the greatest American city. We welcome the competition from the NSL, but let’s be real here.

      1. I believe what Mr. Sampson refers to, Is that, real soccer has, among other things, promotion and relegation. Something that MLS owners refuse to embrace.

      2. Hi I am an Atlanta soccer fan. I supported soccer for years. Loved the NASL team and would like to be involved. Chiefs still have good support on Facebook. think we are now closing in on 10k members. Would love to see Chiefs back. Thank you for doing this.

      3. Atlanta Chiefs relaunch would be amazing for the city. Still talk about them good old days.. Get some good local players and build them into superstars.

      4. MLS is so expensive to watch and format is pretty boring. Hopefully NSL have sensible prices and bring over some decent players. The Chiefs are an interesting one. The fans still hold huge affinity to them

      5. The Atlanta Chiefs was born in 1967. It marked its legacy when they defeated England’s 1968 Champions, Manchester City, twice and then winning the NASL inaugural championship title. Man City’s manager acknowledged Atlanta’s soccer future when he said, “ Without a doubt Atlanta is the most soccer city in the US, and I must complement everybody connected with the Chiefs for their enthusiasm and endeavor. I was immensely impressed with the way they are selling the game.there, promoting it in such a spectacular matter.”

        – Joe Mercer
        Manager of Manchester City Football Club
        1968 Champions

        Weather Atlanta had a professional team or not, it still lives up to Joe Mercer words.

      6. Atlanta Chiefs coming back? forget the Atlanta Utd and Silverbacks. Chiefs are the number one loved teams in Georgia. Will you be playing in Atlanta? I am excited!

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