Igniting the Future of American Soccer: Join the Revolution with the National Soccer League™ (NSL)

Scott “Matchmaker” Michaels, a lifelong soccer enthusiast and entrepreneur, watched with dismay as commercialization swept through American professional soccer. To Scott, soccer is more than just a sport; it’s a passion shared by billions worldwide. Driven by the desire to restore the essence of the game, Scott embarked on a mission to launch the National Soccer League (NSL), a league committed to empowering supporters and preserving the purity of soccer.

As the 2026 World Cup approaches, Scott is determined to reclaim soccer for the people. The NSL is more than a league; it’s a movement aimed at reconnecting soccer with its passionate fanbase. Scott envisions the NSL as a beacon of fan-centricity in a landscape increasingly dominated by corporate interests. By leveraging his experience as an entrepreneur and international soccer agent, Scott aims to establish the NSL as a platform where fans, team owners, and players connect in unprecedented ways.

The league will revive teams from American soccer’s golden era, infusing new life into the sport with a unique tour-based and licensing model.The NSL envisions a vibrant future by reviving some of America’s most iconic soccer clubs, with federal trademark applications pending for renowned names such as the Los Angeles Aztecs, Chicago Sting, Washington Diplomats, Atlanta Chiefs and more. By bringing these historic clubs back into the spotlight, the NSL aims to reignite the passion for soccer and enhance its global appeal.

Additionally, the league will reintroduce the Transatlantic Challenge Cup™, fostering cross-continental competition and attracting top teams from around the world. This initiative not only honors the rich heritage of American soccer but also promotes international engagement, elevating the sport to new heights.

Our vision is to democratize the NSL by welcoming other professional teams and instituting promotion and relegation, ushering in the authentic open system that American soccer enthusiasts have been yearning for.

CONTACT matchmaker: scott@nslofficial.com

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