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National Soccer League announces global partnership with revolutionary MICRO-TRANSACTION streaming platform Recast

The National Soccer League (NSL) is excited to announce its partnership with Recast, the revolutionary microtransaction streaming platform. The NSL is committed to providing its fans with the best possible experience, and this partnership with Recast will enable fans to access the NSL’s content more affordably and conveniently than ever before.

Recast is a subscription-free, live and on-demand streaming platform that uses microtransactions to pay content creators and rights holders for every view. Fans can purchase virtual currency, called “Recast Coins,” which they can then use to access live and on-demand content. This pay-as-you-go model means that fans only pay for what they want to watch, and content creators are compensated fairly for their work.
The NSL has chosen to partner with Recast because of the platform’s commitment to providing affordable access to sports and entertainment. Recast’s innovative approach to streaming aligns with the NSL’s goal of making soccer accessible to as many people as possible. This partnership will enable the NSL to reach a wider audience and provide fans with a more engaging experience.
Scott Michaels, the Founder of the National Soccer League, expressed his excitement in collaborating with Recast and providing their fans with an innovative and novel method of enjoying soccer. The National Soccer League is dedicated to collaborating with the next generation of technology innovators who bring value to its fans .The partnership is set to broaden the audience reach of the league and offer soccer enthusiasts an affordable and convenient way to watch their preferred teams and players in action. This association between the National Soccer League and Recast aims to provide a one-of-a-kind experience for soccer lovers, making the sport even more accessible to a broader audience. With this partnership, the National Soccer League is optimistic about elevating the overall soccer experience for its fans and reaching out to new audiences.
The NSL’s partnership with Recast will begin immediately, and fans can expect to see more of the NSL’s content on the platform in the coming weeks and months ready for the leagues planned launch in early 2025.

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