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“National Soccer League Partners with Morgan Stanley to Empower Fans and Fuel Growth”

The National Soccer League (NSL) has taken a significant stride towards its mission of reviving the sport and giving it back to the fans. In a ground breaking announcement, the NSL revealed its partnership with leading blue-chip investment banker Morgan Stanley for a series A capital raise and future capital endeavour’s, including an IPO. This collaboration is set to reshape the landscape of soccer by combining the NSL’s passion for the game with Morgan Stanley’s financial expertise and resources.

The NSL’s decision to join forces with Morgan Stanley for their series A capital raise underscores their commitment to securing the necessary funding for the league’s growth and development. With Morgan Stanley’s extensive experience in capital markets and investment banking, the NSL can potentially tap into a wide range of resources to facilitate the raising of funds.

Moreover, this partnership aims to drive the NSL towards an eventual initial public offering (IPO), marking a remarkable milestone in the league’s journey. An IPO would provide an opportunity for fans and investors to actively participate in the NSL’s success, aligning with the league’s vision of giving the sport back to its passionate supporters.

To ensure seamless financial operations and compliance, Morgan Stanley will work closely with an independent Chief Financial Officer (CFO) appointed by the NSL. The bank’s financial experts will assist in developing comprehensive financial projections and navigating the complexities of regulatory compliance.

Scott Michaels, the visionary founder of the NSL, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to join forces with Morgan Stanley and their team of esteemed professionals. Their expertise in finance and capital markets will be invaluable in our mission to revolutionize soccer and create an inclusive and engaging experience for fans.”

Building a Strong Capital Table: One of the key aspects of the collaboration between the NSL and Morgan Stanley involves building a robust capital table. By leveraging Morgan Stanley’s 49A valuation methodology, the league aims to create a solid foundation for financial growth and investor engagement. This valuation framework will provide a clear understanding of the league’s value proposition and attract potential investors who share the NSL’s vision for the future of soccer.

The partnership between the National Soccer League and Morgan Stanley marks an exciting chapter in the evolution of soccer as a fan-centric sport. With Morgan Stanley’s support, the NSL is set to raise capital, develop financial projections, ensure compliance, and ultimately pursue an IPO that will revolutionize the industry. As the NSL founder Scott Michaels works closely with Morgan Stanley and the league’s investors, the future looks bright for soccer enthusiasts eager to witness a game that truly belongs to them.

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