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Invest In The NSL

Tired of hearing that “America sucks at soccer”? It’s time to redefine the sport and ignite a new era of passion and excellence with the National Soccer League (NSL). This fan-driven initiative aims to break down barriers and let the love for the game thrive in every community.

The NSL is a revolutionary, fan-co-founded organization dedicated to engaging local communities and councils. It provides a platform for Americans to play soccer at an elite level, reviving some of the original American soccer clubs and rules, independent from FIFA or IFAB. By creating a series of leagues that evolve into a fully interconnected pyramid system with promotion and relegation, the NSL fosters sporting excellence and meritocracy akin to the European model.

The NSL aims to launch a dynamic, inclusive soccer league across the United States. By leveraging crowdfunding to involve as many retail investors and fans as possible, soliciting city and private investors for team ownership under a licensing model, and securing commercial sponsors, the NSL will establish a sustainable and exciting sports enterprise.

Our “NSL Game Plan” outlines our strategy to achieve these goals, fostering growth, and ultimately going public in five years. Join us today with an investment as low as $100 and enjoy a 30% Early Bird Discount on the first $100,000 raised! Don’t miss your chance to be part of soccer history.

Become part of a historic movement reshaping American soccer. Enjoy unique benefits and insider access as an early supporter. Capitalize on the booming interest in soccer and the NSL’s innovative model.

In defiance of the status quo, Scott “Matchmaker” Michaels founded the NSL as a beacon of hope for American soccer fans. For Scott, the NSL is more than just a league—it is a crusade to reclaim American soccer for the fans and build a new industry based on sporting excellence.

Scott’s journey began as a passionate fan of the global game, appreciating its uniting power and cultural significance. With entrepreneurial acumen and a successful global soccer agency, Scott is now dedicated to creating top-quality soccer in America, prioritizing fan engagement and passion.

The NSL’s strategy is clear:

  • Secure $5 million to re-establish iconic teams in key markets.
  • Partner with stakeholders to create buzz around competitive matches.
  • Launch with 4-8 clubs using a tour-based format inspired by American Football, Tennis, Golf, and Lacrosse.
  • Transition to an open system integrating amateur leagues.

Crowdfunding via Wefunder, emphasizing transparency and fan ownership. Commercial sponsorships will showcase market potential and secure long-term stability. Player development will include documentary series and talent trials similar to “X-Factor” competitions.

Expand teams and markets, culminating in a public offering in year five. Establish multiple divisions integrated with amateur leagues, leveraging grassroots marketing, social media, and local partnerships to build a dedicated fan base.

The NSL envisions reviving some of America’s most iconic soccer clubs, such as the Los Angeles Aztecs™, Chicago Sting™, Washington Diplomats™, and Atlanta Chiefs™. By bringing these historic clubs back into the spotlight, the NSL aims to reignite the passion for soccer and enhance its global appeal.

Investing in the NSL isn’t just about supporting soccer; it’s about shaping its future and amplifying the world’s most beloved sport in the planet’s largest sports market. With over 3.5 billion passionate fans worldwide and over 80 million Americans interested in soccer, the NSL is poised for unprecedented success.

Join us in reshaping American soccer, where talent rises to global stardom through the NSL’s platform. Your investment fuels not just a league but a movement, prioritizing the fans and forging a new era of competitive soccer with passion and integrity.

Under Scott’s leadership, the NSL is more than a dream; it is a movement restoring American soccer’s soul to the fans. Invest today in the NSL and help revolutionize soccer in America and beyond.

Be part of history and help shape the future of soccer in the United States. Join the National Soccer League today!