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“Legendary Soccer Clubs Return to the NSL”

As the National Soccer League (NSL), we recognize the rich history and cultural significance of professional soccer clubs in the United States. We understand the value of these historic clubs and their legacy ties to US soccer history, particularly in the North American Soccer League (NASL), which was a well-executed league years ahead of its time in marketing and promotion.

The NASL created some of the coolest and most recognizable soccer brands, which attracted a broad audience, including those who were not traditionally interested in soccer. The league also had a strong connection to rock and roll and celebrities, making it a cultural icon in its own right.Despite the success of these historic clubs and the NASL, we understand that many were disregarded and thrown away by US Soccer. However, as the NSL, we believe that these clubs hold immense value for fans and are essential to the development of US soccer.
We believe that these clubs are vital to the continued growth and development of soccer in the United States, and we are committed to ensuring that they are given the respect and recognition they deserve.
We are proud to announce that the National Soccer League (NSL) has federally reregistered some of America’s most storied soccer clubs, including the Aztecs, Sting, Diplomats, Minutemen, Atoms, Express, Chiefs, Thunder and Rogues. These clubs have a rich legacy and have played host to some of the greatest footballers to ever grace the pitch, including George Best, Johan Cruyff, Bobby Moore and Eusabio. These players were not only world-class athletes but also cultural icons in their own right.We recognize that the legends who played for these teams are some of the biggest names in soccer history, and we intend to honor their contributions to the game by ensuring that these historic clubs are given the resources and support needed to succeed in the modern era.
Several of these clubs have also been crowned national champions in the past with the famous North American Soccer League. Their championship pedigree and rich history make them a perfect fit for the NSL, and we are excited to see them return to the national stage.
Our participating clubs are committed to providing their fans with an exceptional experience, both on and off the field. They have a strong connection with their local communities and will play a vital role in the NSL’s mission to bring top-tier soccer to every corner of the country.
“At the NSL, we are proud to welcome these historic clubs back into the fold. Their rich legacy and championship pedigree make them an integral part of American soccer history, and we are honored to have them join us on this exciting journey. Our focus is on providing fans with an exceptional soccer experience, and these clubs will play a vital role in achieving that goal. With their commitment to their local communities and dedication to the sport, we are confident that they will thrive in the NSL. We are excited to build a long-lasting partnership with these clubs and work together to take American soccer to new heights. With their rich history and our innovative approach, we believe that we can revolutionize the sport and provide fans with an experience that they will never forget”  – Scott Michaels, NSL Founder

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  1. Congrats and excited about the NSL. It’s always been a dream of mine to play at the next level, but injuries and life took over. I still play once in awhile locally but would be curious and interested to play in the NSL as the commitment is there. Are there any open tryouts in the local area – NJ and Philadelphia PA? Best of luck!

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