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“Reviving the Memphis Rogues: The Return of a Soccer Legend”

Memphis, Tennessee was once home to a professional soccer team that captured the hearts of the city and the nation. The Memphis Rogues, founded in the late seventies, were a force to be reckoned with in the North American Soccer League (NASL). Now, decades later, there is talk of relaunching the team, bringing back the spirit of the Rogues and igniting the passion for soccer in Memphis once again.

The original Rogues were founded by Harry T. Mangurian, Jr. and Beau Rogers, who wanted to establish a new NASL franchise in the southern United States. After considering several locations, they settled on Memphis, Tennessee, and named the team the “Rogues” in part as an allusion to the Tampa Bay Rowdies, as well as for a desire to have an elephant mascot (a “Rogue” elephant).
The Rogues quickly became a beloved fixture in Memphis. They played their home games at the Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium, and even dabbled in indoor soccer at the Mid-South Coliseum during the 1979-80 season. The team was known for its strong players, including English stars Eddie McCreadie, Charlie Cooke, and Alan Birchenall, who had previously played for Chelsea in the English Premier League.
The Rogues also represented the city’s passion for soccer and the determination to succeed. They were a shining example of what can be achieved when a group of individuals come together and work towards a common goal. The team’s success on the field helped to elevate the sport of soccer in Memphis and across the nation.

Now, there is talk of bringing back the Rogues and reigniting that same passion for soccer in Memphis. The city has a rich history of soccer, and there is no doubt that a relaunched Rogues team would be welcomed with open arms.
The National Soccer League (NSL), the governing body for professional soccer in the United States, has expressed interest in relaunching the Rogues as part of its efforts to expand the league and promote soccer in cities across the country. The NSL believes that Memphis would be an ideal location for a new team, given the city’s history of soccer and its passionate fan base.

The relaunched Rogues would be expected to play in a new stadium, with plans already in the works for a soccer-specific stadium in Memphis. This would provide the team with a dedicated home field and help to establish a strong connection with the community.
Bringing back the Memphis Rogues would not only rekindle the city’s passion for soccer but also serve as a reminder of the team’s legacy and the legends who played for them. It would be a fitting tribute to the original Rogues, who represented the very best of what soccer can be.
The relaunch of the Memphis Rogues is still in the planning stages, with details yet to be finalized. However, the NSL and the people of Memphis are united in their enthusiasm for the return of the team. As plans move forward, there is no doubt that the relaunched Rogues will capture the hearts of a new generation of soccer fans and continue the legacy of the original team.
In conclusion, the relaunch of the Memphis Rogues would be a welcome addition to the world of soccer and a fitting tribute to the original team. It would provide an opportunity for a new generation of soccer fans to experience the excitement and passion of the Rogues, and to carry on the team’s legacy for years to come. Memphis is ready for the return of the Rogues, and the NSL is committed to making it happen. Let the countdown begin!

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  1. harry
    May 3, 2023 at 6:29 pm
    Memphis Rogues were to be sold by owner Harry Mangurian, for One Million dollars to a Kuwait Jordan business man. Mangurian advised and confirmed the Team did not owe any money. Just before the closing of the deal, the lawyer of the new investor, Fred Thompson, later Senator Thompson discovered that the team owed about One Million dollars to several creditors, and the deal was cancelled just a few days before owners welcome dinner to the new investor based on Lawyer Thompson advice.
    The new investor planned to bring world famous Brazilian players and invite a celebrity to kick the first ball each game. Being a soccer player himself he was planning to play in some games for Publisity.
    it seems that the university of Memphis eventually bought the team , but ultimately it did not survive.

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