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Revolutionizing Professional Soccer: Giving Ownership Back to the Fans “NSL”Founder”

In the world of professional soccer, fans are the heartbeat of the game. Yet, for too long, their voices have been drowned out by corporate interests and billionaire owners. It’s time for a change. Enter a groundbreaking initiative set to transform the landscape of soccer – a venture designed specifically for the fans.

At its core, this venture boasts several exclusive unique selling points that set it apart from traditional soccer leagues. It is the sole independently governed, sub-licensed, tour-based professional soccer league globally, with a steadfast commitment to prioritizing fan engagement at every turn.

The inaugural initiative of this venture is nothing short of revolutionary – granting fans ownership stakes in the National Soccer League (NSL). This move marks a significant milestone, as it makes the NSL the first licensed professional league worldwide to offer such an opportunity to its supporters.

Embarking on a mission to connect new team owners with its rich legacy teams. Among these esteemed clubs are some of America’s most iconic teams, including the Los Angeles Aztecs, Washington Diplomats, Chicago Sting, Atlanta Chiefs, Detroit Express, and more.

Central to the NSL’s approach is its tour-based model, which offers a turnkey solution for team owners. By serving as the primary marketer for events, the NSL simplifies the operational complexities typically associated with team ownership. This approach not only streamlines the process for new owners but also ensures a cohesive and coordinated league experience for fans.

A key feature of the NSL’s strategy is the scheduling of matches during the winter and spring seasons, primarily in stadiums located in warmer climates. This deliberate choice not only maximizes attendance and fan engagement but also provides an optimal playing environment for athletes. By strategically selecting venues, the NSL aims to create an immersive and enjoyable experience for both players and spectators.

Importantly, the NSL is not positioning itself as a direct competitor to existing US soccer leagues. Instead, it recognizes the unique niche it occupies within the broader soccer landscape. By focusing on tour-based events and targeting specific seasons and geographical locations, the NSL avoids direct competition with established leagues, thereby carving out its own distinct identity and appeal.

To kickstart this ambitious journey, a community capital raise will be launched in partnership with Wefunder, the leading capital raisers for professional soccer clubs through crowdfunding. We will then activate a $5 million raise in the first round, with further plans to bring in institutional investors in subsequent rounds.

Crucially, financial forecasts will be made transparent and accessible to larger investors through a data room established in collaboration with investment bank Morgan Stanley. This commitment to transparency underscores the integrity of the venture and ensures that all stakeholders are well-informed.

But this initiative is about more than just financial investment – it’s about reshaping the very fabric of the sport. The long-term vision for the NSL extends beyond mere ownership; it seeks to empower fans by incorporating full fan ownership into American soccer. This vision challenges the status quo, as it currently faces prohibitions from the establishment.

The rationale behind this bold move is clear – Near 100 million American fans deserve more than being mere spectators. They deserve to have a say in the direction of the game they love, to be more than just consumers of a product. This venture seeks to transform soccer into a true community asset, rather than a commodity owned by detached billionaires.

The current state of the game is broken, but there’s hope on the horizon. By building an industry that values fans, players, and investors alike, we can create a soccer ecosystem that thrives on inclusivity and shared ownership. Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this transformative journey.

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